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Arthur Murray makes learning to dance easier than anyone. Our trained professionals can make you feel at home in the friendly atmosphere of an Arthur Murray Dance studio leading you to feel comfortable on any dance floor with any dance partner. Whether your goals are modest or ambitious, your schedule open or full, Arthur Murray offers convenient times and enrollments so that you can learn to dance at your convenience.

Welcome to Arthur Murray Dance Studio Of Coral Gables!


Welcome to Dance Studio of Coral Gables

There has never been a better time or place to learn how to dance! With the growing popularity of Ballroom dancing through television shows like “Dancing With The Stars”, there are more and more opportunities to use the valuable skill of partner dancing!

Our mission is...

To provide an authentic learning experience for each of our students based on their individual needs and desires. We are committed to empowering our students by giving them the knowledge and skill to achieve all that they dreamed of through the magic of ballroom dance!


I remember the first time I walked into The Arthur Murray Studio, a little apprehensive not knowing what to expect. That all soon melted away when I was greeted with a bright smile and warm reception by the studios manager, Krisztina.
But more important as the weeks past I discovered that the studio provided to me an opportunity to learn a large variety of dances at my own pace.
With a weekly private lesson supplemented with a variety of group classes and capped off with a weekly dance party. If you love to dance as I do, you will have fun, fun, fun!
Most important are the dance instructors, without them I'd be lost. Not only are they professional, patient (which is important in my case), but it is their dedication and enthusiasm that sets them apart. Nobody is more enthusiastic than my instructor Denise.
Then there are the continual surprises and special events.
This week I'm looking forward to a guest master dance instructor who will be be teaching advance Tango lessons, the the next evening we will have what I call a road trip, traveling to a local Cuban restaurant for dinner and a live Salsa band and dance the night away!
The studio becomes an extended family of friends with the sole intention is to DANCE, DANCE and DANCE and have FUN doing it!
Let's dance!

Six years ago, my wife and I moved to Miami from Philadelphia. I knew that if we were going to go out dancing in Miami, we needed to learn to dance salsa. I came to the AMCG studio (knowing nothing about ballroom dancing) and signed up for weekly salsa lessons. My first lesson was spent trying to help me find “the one beat”—that’s how ill-equipped I was for latin dancing (unlike my more rhythmic wife).
While at the studio, I saw students and teachers dancing all kinds of other latin dances (e.g., cha cha, rhumba, mambo, meringue) and soon started learning those as well. I even started competing (with my teacher Krisztina as my partner), and discovered that I loved it. Dancing had become my new hobby, and what a great hobby it is, combining so many benefits-- exercise; joint flexibility, balance; musicality; and mental, physical and emotional challenges. Best of all, it’s fun.
I really like the staff at AMCG—teachers, administrative staff and managers. They have a variety of programs to accommodate different interests and learning styles. They offer evening group classes and parties, as well as private lessons in every style of ballroom and latin dancing. I have taken advantage of these opportunities to expanded my dancing to include ballroom dances as well as latin. I am looking forward to many more years of dancing and competing, and now, with the new studio ownership, participating in international competitions in Europe and elsewhere.

For my first three years with AMCG, I came to the studio every week for one or two lessons. I made gradual progress and danced some solos in recitals at the studio, but dancing was pretty much a small part of my life. Then, in 2010, my teacher, Krisztina, suggested that I participate in a competition—Flamingo Dance O’Rama in Aventura, Florida. I had no idea what to expect, but prepared to compete at the Associate Bronze level (rhythm dances only). I’ll never forget how nervous I was stepping on the ballroom floor with all those other couples—my heart was pounding; my knees were shaking; my mouth was cotton dry. I competed in just 16 events, and actually ended up winning some medals in my category (to my huge surprise). But the adrenaline and excitement and camaraderie with the other dancers were infectious, and I was amazed at how much fun it was. Scary, but fun. I decided to try it again.
I started entering more competitions and participating in more events. After a couple of competitions dancing only rhythm dances, I decided I had to learn smooth dances, too. Suddenly, dancing became a much larger part of my life and I was taking more lessons and spending a lot more time practicing on my own. I wanted to dance at a more advanced level, and I wanted to do well. But most of all, I wanted to stop being nervous. I concluded that the only way to get over the nervousness was to force myself to get out there again and again, until I became more comfortable and confident. In time, that’s what happened. Now, it’s mainly just fun.
Participating in the competitions has given my dancing focus and direction. Months before each competition, my teachers and I work out a plan—what are my objectives? What dances do I want to concentrate on? Do I need some new routines or should I just focus on refining and tweaking existing routines? And then we tailor the lessons and practices to fit the plans.
And then there is this—competitions are about “performance.” It’s not enough to do the steps and execute the routines. One has to perform and project energy and personality. One has to relate to the audience and give them a reason to be interested. In short, you have to “dance.”
Competition has taken my dancing to new heights and introduced a whole new world of excitement. And it is challenged me in ways that go way beyond just taking lessons and mastering steps. I can’t wait for the next one!

Why wait any longer?


News About The School

Our tradition of bringing the best of the best to our students continuous with having the phenomenal Gherman Mustuc visiting our beautiful studio and giving coaching lessons on January 30th and 31st!
He's biggest accomplishments include:

He has appeared on Fox "So You Think You Can Dance", ABC "The View", LTV "Dance with Me", Featured dancer in a movie "Musical Chairs"… and performed all over the World and US.

Arthur Murray Coral Gables is teaming up with temple Beth Am for their Annual Fundraising event that is going to be called "Dancing with our Stars". The event takes place on March 15th, 2014 and our professional teachers are hard at work to prepare Beth Am's stars for their show in March.

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